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EBP Compendium: Summary of Clinical Practice Guideline

Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders & Sciences
Practice Guidelines for Dysarthria: Evidence for the Behavioral Management of the Respiratory/Phonatory System

Spencer, K. A., Yorkston, K. M., et al. (2006).
Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences, Technical Report No. 3, 50 pages.

AGREE Rating: Recommended with Provisos


This guideline provides recommendations for treatment of respiratory/phonatory dysfunction for individuals with dysarthria. Various neurological populations were included such as Parkinson's disease, brain injury, stroke and multiple sclerosis. The target audience for this guideline is speech-language pathologists.


  • Treatment
    • Speech
      • General Findings, Biofeedback & LSVT - "The behavioral management of respiratory/phonatory impairment has support from the research literature, particularly in the areas of biofeedback and intensive phonatory treatment ([Lee Silverman Voice Treatment] LSVT)" (pp. 12–13).

Keywords: Dysarthria

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Added to Compendium: November 2010

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