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Blogjam: May 2013

Speech-language pathologists and audiologists are blogging about their experiences and discoveries. Check out some of their posts and share your favorite blogs with us at

Teach Kids to Ignore ... the Right Way

When working with children on focus and attention skills, SLPs often encourage children to ignore distractions. Blogger Jill Kuzma, however, emphasizes that younger children often don't grasp concepts such as "ignore."

"I find myself needing to really concretely define what these concepts mean—in a way that literally describes what the concept 'looks like, sounds like,' etc. So, I created this little PowerPoint for kids to help them understand, in a very direct, concrete way, what 'ignoring' means—how to do it, and when not to do it."

The 13-slide presentation gives examples of distractions and encourages kids to use their "super brain power" to not look at, listen to or talk to the person creating the distraction.

Draw In Parents

SLPs in a variety of settings may have difficulty involving parents in their child's treatment, according to SLP Katie Yeh in a post on "Playing With Words 365."

"I realize that, even when you are in situations where parents ARE involved, finding time to educate parents and other caregivers can be close to impossible with high caseloads. I get it. I've been there. But I also know that when we do involve parents, there are amazing results."

The post addresses the importance of involving parents, the benefits of empathizing with parents' emotions and fears, and eight tips to encourage parents to take part in their children's treatment.

Where the Apps Are

SLP Eric Sailers has been to plenty of conferences and knows the drill: You hear about a great app and write it down on whatever you can find—notebook, scrap of paper, your hand—and sometimes it gets lost. As an alternative, Sailers has developed a template to help conference attendees keep their app discoveries organized.

"... participants are always feverishly writing down the names of apps learned during presentations ... I imagine that after the session, participants don't want to spend time looking through all their papers for the app names, or even worse, the papers are lost. With this 'problem' in mind, I decided to create an 'Apps list template' for participants to write the apps down via various categories. The template will be distributed (electronically or paper-based) with the handouts by the coordinator of the event. My hope is that if participants write the apps in my template, it'll be easier for them after the session to find the apps for downloading."

An Easier Way to Teach Prefixes

In her latest update, "Miss Speechie" reveals she's always looking for better and easier ways to teach kids how to recognize prefixes. Now she's developed a "Wild Word Fun: Prefixes" download designed to help students gain crucial word knowledge.

"I am constantly trying to teach my older students to recognize when they spot prefixes in reading comprehension tasks and other reading/listening activities. I took some strategies and activities that have worked for me in the past to create my newest download."

The download ($2.25) contains prefix sorting cards, a worksheet and a card game that requires students to display knowledge of prefixes and which root words pair best with them.


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