July 1, 2013 Features

Audiograham Cracker Crunch?

In recognition of the successful and tasty partnership between Ben and Jerry of Ben&Jerry's Ice Cream, The ASHA Leader asked its members what would be a good name for a CSD-inspired ice cream. Here is what they said:



Artic n' Tasty

Sound So Sweet

Eat your Words

Funetic Food

Speeches N' Cream

Artic Freeze

Peach Therapy

Oreo Otoscoop

Vanilla Video Fruitoscopy

Audiograham Cracker Crunch

Crème Buccalé

Consonant Clusters                


Multi-Sensory Ice CUES

Communi-Cake Brownie

Communicake-tion Celebration 

Weave Active Cultures (for frozen yogurt)

Peachy Speechie


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