November 1, 2013 Departments

Glimpses: Fall Football Frenzy

GlimpsesFall in the speech room is full of football fun! I used this football set called "Football Guys," which I found in a thrift store. The kids set up their team on the goal line. Each student answers five language questions or says 10 articulation words before rolling the dice and moving that many yards down the field. If they roll a one, they get called back 10 yards on a penalty.

Students were begging for more questions or target words to earn yards­—and that's a touchdown for me!

About me: I am a pediatric speech-language pathologist in the Columbus, Ohio, area. My full-time job is in a school district with elementary and preschool children. My speech room is chronically messy, but I love doing fun activities in the speech room and incorporating technology! I also work in a private clinic. I have a bachelor's degree from The Ohio University and a master's from Ohio State University.

— Jenna Rayburn


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