Nuffield Centre Dyspraxia Programme, 3rd Edition (NDP3)

Author(s):Nuffield Speech and Hearing Centre
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The Miracle Factory
Age Range:3-7 years
Administration Time:45 minutes
Computerized Scoring:No
Description:NDP3 Assessment is an assessment of output speech processing. Speech production skills can be sampled and analyzed separately at different levels of phonotatic complexity-single sounds (consonants and vowels), CV/VC words, CVC words, CVCV words, multisyllabic words, consonant cluster words, phrases, and sentences. An evaluation of oral-motor skills, DDK skills, prosody, and connected speech are also included. The assessment is closely related to the NDP3 treatment programme and provides a sensitive measure of progress. Note: The assessment is part of The Nuffield Centre Dyspraxia Programme, 3rd Edition (2004) and cannot be obtained separately.

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