Phonological Awareness and Literacy Screening (PALS)

Author(s):Marcia Invernizzi
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The Rector and The Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia
Age Range:PALS-PreK: 4 year olds PALS-K: Kindergarten PALS-1-3: Grades 1-3
Administration Time:PALS-PreK and PALS-K approximately 20 minutes; PALS-1-3 approximately 30 minutes depending on number of oral reading passages
Language(s):English; piloting Spanish versions
Computerized Scoring:Available
Description:PALS consists of three instruments: PALS-PreK (for preschool students), PALS-K (for students in kindergarten), and PALS 1-3 (for students in Grades 1-3). PALS identifies students who may be in need of additional reading instruction beyond that provided to typically developing readers. A secondary purpose of PALS is to provide teachers with explicit information about what their students know regarding literacy fundamentals to help guide their teaching.

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