Test of Language Development-Primary, Fourth Edition (TOLD-P:4)

Author(s):Phyllis L. Newcomer and Donald D. Hammill
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Age Range:4;0–8;11 (years; months)
Administration Time:30-60 minutes
Computerized Scoring:Yes
Description:Nine subtests measure various aspects of oral language: Picture Vocabulary, Relational Vocabulary, Oral Vocabulary, Syntactic Understanding, Sentence Imitation, Morpholoigcal Completion, Word Discrimination, Word Analysis, and Word Articulation Picture Vocabulary—measures a child’s understanding of the meaning of spoken English words (semantics, listening) Relational Vocabulary—measures a child’s understanding and ability to orally express the relationships between two spoken stimulus words (semantics, organizing) Oral Vocabulary—measures a child’s ability to give oral definitions to common English words that are spoken by the examiner (semantics, speaking) Syntactic Understanding—measures a child’s ability to comprehend the meaning of sentences (grammar, listening) Sentence Imitation—measures a child’s ability to imitate English sentences (grammar, organizing) Morphological Completion—measures a child’s ability to recognize, understand, and use common English morphological forms (grammar, speaking) Word Discrimination—measures a child’s ability to recognize the differences in significant speech sounds (phonology, listening) Word Analysis—measures a child’s ability to segment words into smaller phonemic units (phonology, organizing) Word Articulation

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