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Audiology 2015 - Online Conference

Audiology 2015: Quality Outcomes for Cochlear Implants

An Online Conference

October 7–19, 2015

In 1984, the FDA approved the first cochlear implant (CI) for adults. Now, 30 years later, new research, technology, and practices have changed the field, expanding CI candidacy to a broader audience. But these advances have also created new challenges.

After attending, Audiology 2015: Quality Outcomes for Cochlear Implants, you'll get the skills you need to make the right referrals at the right time. Plus, you'll get access to cutting-edge research, the latest technologies, and practical assessment and treatment practices, which will help you achieve successful outcomes for your patients.

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Why Should I Attend?

  • Improve decision making on CI candidacy
  • Leverage technological advances in CI technology
  • Code and document CI services appropriately
  • Provide effective evidence-based speech-language and communication services




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