National Outcomes Measurement System (NOMS)


ASHA Launches a New and Improved NOMS Data Collection and Reporting Tool
The release of ASHA's new web-based data collection instruments for the Adult and Pre-Kindergarten NOMS now makes the reporting of outcomes easier. Enhancements to the NOMS tool include simplified data collection forms with optional interim reporting, a new goal setting feature with access to real-time national benchmarking data, and a built in G-code converter to assist with Medicare's claims-based reporting (Adult NOMS only). The new tools are available to NOMS participants only. If your organization is interested in submitting data to ASHA's national registry and learning more about NOMS, read additional information below under the heading "What is NOMS?".

The Adult NOMS Functional Communication Measures (FCM) Can Be Used For Medicare Claims-Based Reporting
The NOMS FCMs can be used to assist with Medicare's claims-based reporting. The CMS measures, known as "G-codes" with accompanying severity/complexity modifiers, can easily crosswalk to the NOMS 7-point scales. It is important to note that the FCMs are only one component of NOMS. To receive access to all of the components of NOMS—national database of treatment outcomes and customized data reports—your organization must subscribe to NOMS and become a registered NOMS site. To find out more about how NOMS and its FCMs relate to Medicare's claims-based outcome reporting using G-codes, view frequently asked questions related to NOMS and claims-based outcomes reporting.

National Outcomes Measurement System (NOMS)What Is NOMS?

ASHA's National Outcomes Measurement System (NOMS) is a voluntary data collection system developed to illustrate the value of speech-language pathology services provided to adults and children with communication and swallowing disorders. SLPs working in healthcare or school settings can register their organization in the NOMS Adult and/or NOMS Pre-Kindergarten Component and become a participating data collection site.

The key to NOMS is the use of ASHA's Functional Communication Measures (FCMs). FCMs are a series of disorder-specific, seven-point rating scales designed to describe the change in an individual's functional communication and/or swallowing ability over time. Based on an individual's treatment plan/IEP, FCMs are chosen and scored by a certified speech-language pathologist on admission and again at discharge from SLP services to depict the amount of change in communication and/or swallowing abilities after speech and language intervention and submitted to ASHA's national registry. In addition to scoring the FCMs, SLPs also provide basic information on patient/client demographics and intervention characteristics (e.g., SLP diagnosis, frequency/intensity of treatment).

In exchange for submitting data to ASHA's national registry, SLPs and their participating facility(s) and/or school(s) have access to their data benchmarked by treatment setting and diagnosis against the national data and system data if applicable. Facilities may also run customized analyses of their data, as well as national data, using our web-based reporting system.

Through the use of NOMS, we are now beginning to demonstrate the value of speech-language pathology services and provide our members the needed tools to address the challenging questions posed by policy makers, third party payers, administrators and consumers alike.

To find out more about the benefits of NOMS, frequently asked questions, and how to register your organization for data collection, see the "Information for Prospective Participants" in the resource box at the top of the page.

NOMS Data Reports and Fact Sheets

The national reports offer an in-depth look and analysis, while the fact sheets provide a snapshot of the data collected in each NOMS component (Adults in Health Care and Pre-Kindergarten).

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