New Handbook for Auditory Evoked Responses

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New Handbook for Auditory Evoked Responses

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Written for graduate students and practicing clinicians, the New Handbook for Auditory Evoked Responses is an up-to-date and comprehensive source of practical information about auditory evoked responses, from electro-cochleography to cortical responses.


Authored by a leading clinical audiologist who records auditory evoked responses daily in his clinical practice, this text maintains a consistent writing-style and difficulty level from beginning to end.  The content is of direct interest to clinical audiologists and others involved in the clinical measurement of auditory evoked responses. The text includes extensive review of test principles, protocols, and procedures required for clinical application of auditory evoked responses. The practical coverage of material includes guidelines for trouble-shooting and solving problems commonly encountered in the field.

  • Presents principles common to different auditory evoked responses, including anatomy and physiology and general measurement principles (Chs. 1-3), allowing students to learn the material from only this source without having to purchase an additional textbook to master the basics.
  • Devotes at least one chapter to each major auditory evoked response, beginning with cochlear responses and continuing to the cortical evoked responses, electric evoked responses, and non-auditory responses (Chs. 4-16)
  • Teaches students to record, analyze and interpret responses for various patient populations (Chs. 4-16).
  • Includes readable and clinically oriented reviews of extensive literature on complex responses, such as the P300 and MMN (Chs. 4-16), making it the only textbook of its kind to present a balanced coverage of evoked responses recorded from the entire auditory system (cochlea to cortex).
  • Reviews and relates the literature on auditory evoked responses in diverse pathologies to clinical practice so that students do not have to locate and read additional journal articles (Chs. 4-16).
  • Illustrates important concepts, including the effects of measurement parameters and pathologies on auditory evoked responses, with hundreds of clear drawings, to help enchance student learning (Chs. 4-16).

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