Introduction to Neurogenic Communication Disorders, 7th edition

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Introduction to Neurogenic Communication Disorders, 7th edition

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From Elsevier

This popular, well-respected textbook provides the most comprehensive and cutting-edge information on the foundations, diagnosis, assessment, management, and treatment of patients with neurogenic communication disorders. Still the only text on the market that surveys the entire range of disorders in a single volume, this new edition is completely up to date with the most current research and developments in the field. New coverage includes three new assessment chapters and new discussions of hot topics such as the functional, environmental, and social elements of communication. The book is supplemented throughout with engaging artwork, clinical tips, and practical advice featuring many examples from clinical settings.

New to this edition

  • Three new chapters address assessment of 1) cognition, 2) language and communication, and 3) functional communication and quality of life, providing additional insight on the varied and complex methods clinicians use to evaluate individuals with brain injuries.
  • Discussions of hot topics include the functional, environmental, and social elements of communication, the World Health Organization’s focus on functional quality of life, and evidence-based practice as it applies to the effectiveness of various treatment approaches.
  • A four-page mini-atlas of neuroanatomy contains full-color cadaver photographs that illustrate the nervous system areas affected in individuals with neurogenic communication disorders.
  • Page number references added to the chapter outlines quickly direct you to specific discussions and coverage of key topics in each chapter.

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