Childrens Spondees PBK-50A

Childrens Spondees PBK-50A

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Childrens Spondees PBK-50A

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PB-K: This test consists of three 50 word lists in four randomizations for testing the word recognition ability of lower grade school age children. The articulation function is approximately 4%/dB.
CHILD SPONDEES: This list of spondaic words was selected to be familiar to children. AUDiTECâ„¢ recorded 51 words in one randomization. The medium SRT is 20 dB SPL.
Child Spondee Word List (1)
PBK, Form A Word List (1)

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Item #(s): 0112874
Format(s): Assessment Tools
Language: English
Publisher: AUDiTEC
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