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Functional Assessment of Communication Skills for Adults (ASHA FACS)

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Functional Assessment of Communication Skills for Adults (ASHA FACS)

The ASHA FACS assists you in measuring and recording the functional communication of adults with speech, language, and cognitive communication disorders. The ASHA FACS was found to be a reliable, valid, and sensitive measure with two populations: adults with aphasia resulting from left hemisphere stroke and adults with cognitive communication disorders resulting from traumatic brain injury.

Written in language understandable to policy makers, payers, and other consumers, the measure is comprised of 43 items and assesses functional communication in four areas: social communication; communication of basic needs; reading, writing, and number concepts; and daily planning. 

• A 117-page manual,
• A CD version to help you automatically tabulate the measures for recording incremental client assessments in MS Excel for PC or Apple/Macintosh,
• A paper-and-pencil version of the measure with score summary and profile forms that purchasers can copy,
• A rating key on a 5" x 7" card (updated 2003), and
• An electronic index of ICD-9-CM codes

Product Information

Item #(s): 0111969
Format(s): Assessment Tools
Language: English
Author: Carol M. Frattali, PhD, Audrey L. Holland, PhD, Cynthia K. Thompson, PhD, Cheryl Wohl, Michelle Ferketic, MA

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