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Targeting Written Expression for Students with Learning Disabilities

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Targeting Written Expression for Students with Learning Disabilities

SLPs can work with teams of general and special educators to target language growth in students (ages 6–18) with language-based learning disabilities (LLD). Explore techniques for assessing written story probes, quantify and describe language and self-regulatory abilities at the discourse-, sentence-, and sound-/word-levels, and learn to prioritize language intervention targets. Plan collaborative, curriculum-based approaches to engage students with LLD in all stages of the writing process—targeting multiple language levels—and use scaffolding techniques to increase students’ knowledge of language at the sound/word and sentence/discourse levels.

Learning Outcomes
You will be able to

  • apply the term language-learning disability (LLD) appropriately to describe school-age students with co-occurring language impairments and learning disabilities
  • use a variety of sound/word and sentence/discourse measures and descriptors to prioritize targets for intervention
  • target and scaffold students’ knowledge of sound/word and sentence/discourse structures to convey and comprehend more complex ideas
  • measure change in children’s written language skills using written story probes

Continuing Education

: 0.2 PDHs: 2.0
: 5/28/2014 to 3/31/2017
: Intermediate

Product Information

Item #(s): 0113249, 0113249M
Client Age: Children
Format(s): Audio CD and Manual, Additional Manual(s)
Language: English
Author: Nickola Wolf Nelson, PhD, CCC-SLP

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