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Human Communication Disorders: An Introduction (Eighth Edition)

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Human Communication Disorders: An Introduction (Eighth Edition)

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Updated with the most current research and information, the newly revised eighth edition of Human Communication Disorders continues to cover a broad range of topics including speech and language development, genetics, the biology and physics of communication, and an overview of cultural and linguistic diversity. With an emphasis on evidence-based practice, experts in speech-language pathology and audiology place communication processes and communication disorders in perspective, define basic theories of causation, and introduce identifying characteristics, and present an overview of procedures for evaluation and treatment—while at the same time focusing on the real people who have communication disorders and the real people who study them.

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Product Information

Item #(s): 0113202
Format(s): Books
Language: English
Author: Noma B. Anderson, George H. Shames
Publisher: Pearson
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