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Cluttering: Functional Strategies for Management

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Cluttering: Functional Strategies for Management

Cluttering, a fluency disorder characterized by a speaking rate that is perceived to be abnormally rapid, irregular, or both, can be difficult to distinguish from stuttering. This program examines cluttering in children and young adults aged 8–21 years, exploring symptoms, assessment, and approaches to intervention, with attention to the possible negative effects of cluttering on children’s academic performance.

Learning Outcomes
You will be able to:

  • define cluttering
  • list three areas to examine when assessing cluttering
  • list three treatment strategies for clients with cluttering, and two practical strategies for goal carryover
  • discuss considerations for treating cluttering with concomitant communication disorders

Continuing Education

: 0.2 PDHs: 2.0
: 5/16/2014 to 3/19/2017
: Intermediate

Product Information

Item #(s): 0113247, 0113247M
Client Age: Children
Format(s): Audio CD and Manual, Additional Manual(s)
Language: English
Author: Kathleen Scaler Scott , PhD, CCC-SLP

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