Outcomes in Speech-Language Pathology (Second Edition)

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Outcomes in Speech-Language Pathology (Second Edition)

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From Thieme Medical Publishers

Based on the pioneering work of Carol M. Frattali, this book provides readers with a comprehensive review of current policies, principles, and practices pertaining to outcome measurement in speech-language pathology with particular emphasis on health care.

Major themes from the first edition are revisited in light of the impact of contemporary issues and shifts in emphasis in outcomes, including:
• the prominence of the WHO-ICF as a conceptual model for intervention
• the impact of public policies and federal mandates
• emphasis on value-based, cost-effective clinical health care services
• growing transparency in organizational performance in accreditation processes
• the weight currently placed on patient satisfaction and patient-reported outcomes
• outcomes assessment across stakeholders in school settings
• challenges and revised perspectives on the application of evidence-based practice
• the growing emphasis on outcomes in graduate clinical education and supervision

Directors and managers of clinical speech-language pathology programs in healthcare settings as well as clinical staff and supervisors will find this book to be a valuable desk reference, and graduate students will use it as a key resource in the course of their studies.

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Item #(s): 0113306
Format(s): Books
Language: English
Author: Lee Ann C. Golper; Carol M. Frattali
Publisher: Thieme Medical Publishers
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